Gluten Intolerance Disorder

I would say, this is a problem which involves all the incorrect decisions we have made for the past 50 years.

I would first mention Economy. I don’t know in the USA, but we, in Europe, have the PAC, la Politique Agricole Commune, Which tries to feed farmers by setting the correct price and enhancing production levels and market price.

So, as a lot of them make wheat on their farms, we end up with tons of it to sell to anyone at a good price, or our farmers die of hunger and depression.

Result is, even in Corn flakes, which means breakfast cereal made with corn, we have barley which contains gluten. 

Which means, you just can’t escape gluten, even when you like corn flakes.

No wonder everyone gets sick at some point.

The other point is, with our sedentary lives, if we like to make even the smallest part of physical exercise, we need to short our work day or rest time on the weekend.

So we end up at a nutritionist consultation, whom, with all the good will and friendship of the world at hands, asks us to eat starches at every meal, starches which are all added up with gluten full products because we need a strong economy.

Well, I would say, let’s start with eating potatoes before they tamper too, and all kinds of vegetables, except chard except if you have a good cook at hand, they are difficult to match with anything cool.

My conclusion would be, let’s start with giving a choice to hungry people and children, before we make bad decisions for them, just because they seem reasonable. 

Let’s be different, eat different, every one of us together, but not all of us all the same all together.

Okay ?

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